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Teky's Business Services

No contemporary business can run without computer support. Whether you're using a laptop to stay in touch or work in the field, or need a complex fully-integrated network of computers linking everyone in your organization, your computers are vital.

They have to work for you, with you, and together to keep all the information you need flowing smoothly.

Because you can't afford a computer problem, you need reliable, professional technical support. That's where Teky comes in.

Whether you are using us to service, maintain and update you systems, or need us to specify, supply and install a complete new network, Teky has the skills your business needs. You can depend on it.

Here are a few typical business services we perform:
  • Diagnose computer problems
  • System cleanup, operating system install/update/repair & new computer setup
  • Bussiness security systems
  • Internet and email issues
  • Install memory, hard drives, fans, etc.
  • Run network cabling
  • Printer or scanner issues
  • Regular maintenance & setting up automated backups on your computer or in the Cloud
  • Telephone via the Internet (VOIP)
  • Analysis of current systems & recommendations for upgrades if necessary.
  • Training (you or a group)

Business Services

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