Teky is for Sale

Happy New Year!

Some of you may know that I started my own business back in November 2008: Teky Technical Services Inc.

I created Teky to fill a need I saw in the community, but also to give myself, and a few other technicians, the opportunity to solve technical problems for homes and businesses in the South Vancouver Island area.

I still enjoy working IN the business, but I never really liked working ON the business; because of this, I have always been on the lookout for someone to buy Teky and run it.

As I approach retirement (my wife retired November 1st, 2022), I have stepped up that search by officially listing the company for sale. You can view the listing by going to VentureConnect.ca or by downloading the PDF brochure.

If you know anyone who would like to take over a business like mine, please send them the info and/or point them my way!

Jeff @ Teky