Online Resources

One could write volumes on the topic of online resources. In this space, all I will have a chance to do is mention a few general areas, each with two or three examples, one “more popular”, one “less popular” and sometimes an “honorable mention” or two.

Note 1: Capitals in web addresses are there for readability; web domains are case insensitive.

Note 2: All links are listed at where you can comment on (this article only) these resources, and suggest others.

  1. Search Engines:
  2. Encyclopedia:
  3. Shopping (so many!):
  4. Used goods:
  5. Real estate:
  6. News:
  7. Newspapers:
  8. Social media:
  9. Maps:
  10. Weather:
  11. Books:
  12. TV:
  13. TV+Movies:
  14. TV/Movie Databases:
  15. Music:
  16. Videos:
  17. Travel:
  18. Phone book:

Next month, I will explain what the http:// and https:// signify at the start of these web addresses, and the related change that is on the horizon.