Monthly Archives: April 2016

Trusteer Rapport

Impressive name: Trusteer Rapport or Trusteer Endpoint Protection. Impressive tagline: Protect your identity and account against fraud and cybercriminals”. Impressive parent company: IBM. Impressive list of companies endorsing and encouraging its use: CIBC, INGDirect, HSBC, BMO, etc.

They may all sound like good reasons to install this software on your computer, but don’t do it!

And don’t trust me; like any new technology you hear about, do a quick Google search on the name, followed by the word “problem”: searching for “Trusteer Rapport problem” will give you over 24,000 hits to sift through.

I have seen TR loaded on dozens of computers, but every one of them were having problems. Don’t be my next avoidable callout … avoid Trusteer Rapport … and if you already have it, uninstall it.

But even uninstalling it can be awkward. (This is a red flag to me right here.) At the very least, you will have to go through several steps, including clicking on a button labelled “Shutdown”. At the most, you will have to request, download, and run their available uninstaller program.

Instead of trusting Trusteer, stick with your tried-and-true antivirus program and follow safe computing practices.