Monthly Archives: September 2015

Right tool for the job

At Teky, we see many situations in a day where a full-blown computer is not required. If your needs can be boiled down to web/email/documents, then you are a candidate for a ChromeBook or ChromeBox.

These devices are smaller and lighter, but also cost much less than their full-blown counterparts. (Please read that line again, especially you students and frequent travellers.)

Now for the gotcha: many people are not yet comfortable with using “the cloud”. If that’s you, then please read the next paragraph.

“The cloud” isn’t as unstructured as it sounds. (Personally, I think it’s a poorly-chosen term.) What it refers to is a secure server, or collection of servers, that could be located anywhere in the world. That’s it. Not that scary. Especially when you know your data is encrypted (i.e. unreadable by others) when it is transferred and when it is stored.

For those of you with simple computing needs who are open to using the cloud, welcome to the future. A ChromeBook (laptop-style) or ChromeBox (desktop-style) can augment things you can already do with your tablet or smartphone, while using a full-sized keyboard/mouse/monitor.

Combined with all the free cloud storage offers, a ChromeBook/ChromeBox can be a very versatile tool.

And yes, I wrote and posted this using ChromeBook. :-)