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Windows 10 is here, and it looks good!

Here is Teky’s “release day” review of Windows 10

The Good

*** Seems mature (even on release day)
*** Free (until 29Jul2016 for owners of Windows 7/8/8.1 licenses) or affordable ($119/$199)
*** Light (i.e. runs fast on not-so-fast hardware)
*** Familiar (for the most part)
*** Compatible with most software and hardware
*** Lots of built-in drivers
*** Logical/intuitive to use
** Decent Mail and Calendar clients built-in
** No longer needed: Adobe Flash, Adobe Reader, CutePDF, Java
* New features: Task View / Virtual Desktops

The Bad

** Pushes you into having/using a Microsoft account (avoidable)
** Pushes you into using Bing (avoidable)
* Keeps the Windows 8 Lock Screen (dumb, but avoidable)
* I don’t see the purpose of Cortana (so far)
* Keeps Windows 7/8 Libraries (why?)
* Windows updates didn’t work for me (on release day)
* Defaults to Public Network (avoidable)
* Not yet available for purchase (?)


Come into the Teky office and see it in person!
Wait a week and then jump on the Windows 10 bandwagon!!


Welcome Windows 10!

Windows 10 and Office 2016 are being released on 29Jul2015. As always, Teky is here to help you through the changes.

Office 2016 may not be the “be-all, end-all” for office software, but we believe Windows 10 may be one for operating systems.

Office 2016 is just another in a long line of superceded versions of “the office software standard”, Microsoft Office. From its humble beginnings in 1988, Office has had 9 versions in the Windows world and 7 versions in the Mac world (that is, if you don’t count their Office 365 product suite). 2016 brings the two worlds into sync, but doesn’t add much to the basic set of tools we have enjoyed for more than a quarter century, and that been built into donationware office suites for many years.

For their operating system, Microsoft skipped numbering from their (admitted flop) Windows 8/8.1, right over the (never did exist) Windows 9, to the (LTS?) Windows 10. LTS is an acronym which in Linux stands for “Long Term Support”. Microsoft isn’t promising anything, but I’m hoping that Windows 10 hangs around for a long time. We’re all tired of the ever-changing landscape we call Windows, and since “latest/fastest” is no longer the top priority for computer hardware, maybe we can all keep our computers for more than 5 years now.

Here’s to hoping that Windows 10 gets us all onto the same page for a while so we can simply get some work done instead of upgrading and re-learning all the time.

The pre-release of Windows 10 looks good in terms of useability, but, until we get our hands on the full release, we won’t know the ins-and-outs of the upgrade process or the overall compatibility with existing hardware and software. Upgrading from 8.1 is supposed to be very straightforward, whereas upgrading from 7 sounds like it could take a bit more effort. The best part is that the upgrade is free for a year after release.

So, wait a week or wait a month (so we can all work out the bugs), but Teky recommends you get on the Windows 10 bandwagon before they (potentially) start charging for it on 29Jul2016. Get on a bandwagon that makes us all more productive, in a world that still accounts for over 90% of the computer industry: Windows.

Cloud Backup

Teky is always watching for the best Cloud Backup options, and “the best” seems to change every 2-3 years.

Back in Sep2010, Teky switched from selling MozyPro to selling SugarSync.

Then, in early 2012, Teky switched from SugarSync to ElephantDrive. We continued to support our clients on SugarSync, but as of then, we only sold ElephantDrive.

And here we are in Jul2015, and we’re switching again. We are proud to announce we have our own branded CANADIAN cloud backup. It is called TekyBackup and it is provided by Canadian Cloud Backup.

We are encouraging all of our cloud backup clients to switch to TekyBackup by offering refined quota levels over SugarSync, and (for a limited time) improved pricing over ElephantDrive. Regular prices will be $0.50/GB/month in increments of 5GB/year, but during the transition, we are offering $0.40/GB/month (a 20% discount) for the first year.

The advantage of TekyBackup is that it is 100% Canadian, meaning that your money, AND your data, both stay in Canada.

Don’t fall for it!

This has been happening for nearly 10 years, but we are into a whole new raft of bogus computer support incidents … so it is time to post warnings again.

If someone calls you and says they are with blah blah computer service, that your computer is infected, and people are remotely connecting to it right now, kindly tell them to take a hike. Just this week (Sunday and Wednesday), yours truly (Jeff Wright) got my first two calls of this sort EVER. I started asking them how they can sleep at night, knowingly misleading unsuspecting victims, infiltrating their computers, and separating them from their money. The callers simply hung up at that point.

Be warned that these people can be forceful and belligerent. They are trying to put you off-balance so they can sell you their bogus and overpriced services.

Also, please note, that this can happen when you unknowingly CALL THEM. Be warned that there are web pages, disguised as pop-up windows, that suggest that your computer is infected and instruct you to call for support. Unless this message comes from the antimalware software that you (or others) loaded, simply disregard the message and close the window.

We have also heard of people calling PUBLISHED NUMBERS for Microsoft, HP, and the like and getting the same run-around.

Teky invites you to CALL US INSTEAD! We are a 100% local company with over 6 years worth of local references a local office where you can come visit us! If you are concerned about the health of your computer, contact us and we can clean/tune your computer onsite (at your place), offsite (at our office), or remotely (via remote access tools), usually within one business day. We charge per-solution fees, and we stand behind what we sell and do.

Don’t be another statistic who lets someone in remotely whom they haven’t met in person. (But if this happens to you, we can come fix your computer up and we won’t tell anyone else.)