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Teky's Residential Services

Nervous about the price of calling in a real Technician for your home computer issues? Talk to Louise - she's friendly, knowlegable and co-ordinates our Teky Team.


Teky is well-priced for most home users. We're family-friendly, senior-friendly, and pet-friendly. And we're house-broken ... we'll take our shoes off at the door.


If you would like to know about our services just click on an item below and read a bit about what we can do for you.

Diagnose Computer Problems

We are fast to respond to calls for help, and will diagnose and repair any technical issue you have encountered

Home Network Setup or Repair

We'll set up your router and networkable hardware so you have your own secure wired or wireless home network.

Home Security Systems

We'll recommend, provide, or install self-monitored security systems.

Internet or Email Issues

With information about your Internet Service Provider, we'll diagnose and repair your Internet or email issues.

Install Memory, Hard Drives or DVD Drives

We'll supply these or other common hardware items that we stock, or just install ones you have purchased.

New Computer Setup

We'll take the components out of boxes, connect them, load drivers and updates, and make sure they are online and secure.

We'll transfer data from a past system, but may have to charge for the extra time involved if there is a lot of data to transfer.

Operating System Install or Repair

With your operating system product key, we'll install or repair your operating system to get it working, and then perform all updates.

Printer or Scanner Issues

We'll install or repair printer or scanner software as necessary. We'll show you how to use what you have. We'll repair or replace hardware as necessary.

Regular Maintenance

We'll set your office up on a regular maintenance schedule.

Run Network Cabling

We'll run Cat5e or Cat6 cable through ceilings, walls and floors and terminate it with proper connectors and faceplates.

Security Software

We'll sell you our recommended antivirus/antispyware solution and/or install it for you. Alternatively, we'll get your Internet security software working

Setup Automated Backups

We can set you up with an online backup (the best solution in most cases) or with an external hard drive (attached or via network).

System Cleanup

We'll remove the programs that are trying to damage your computer, circumvent your security, or sell you stuff you don't want. We'll also remove programs that you aren't using and are just slowing down your computer.

Telephone via the Internet (VOIP)

We'll consult with you regarding VOIP technology.

Training (Just You or a Group)

With advanced notice, we'll train you on any technical topic: general or specific.