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Do It Yourself (DIY)

While Teky is always ready and available to help, there are some things you can take care of yourself if you wish, especially preventative measures or simple every-day maintenance.


This page lists some things you can do yourself to keep your computer running smoothly, reduce your calls to Teky, and help you sleep at night. Also check out the Teky Blog for more articles.



Protecting Your Data

Have an effective backup solution; never keep your eggs all in one basket. We don't like to dwell on negative possibilities but you'll really appreciated have a copy of your data somewhere safe in the event of theft, fire or your hard drive crashing. Here are some useful ideas:

Use good back-up software that will automatically back-up your data without you having to remember to do it. Use off-site back-up storage, whether its one of the inexpensive and easy to use web-based products or taking a copy of your data on DVD to a safe location. Use a hardware back-up that is external to your computer such as an external hard drive or regular back-up onto CD or DVD.


Keep a Wall Between You and the Bad Guys
Make sure you have a firewall and you keep it turned on at all times; to check effectiveness of your firewall, use the free ShieldsUP! service at http://grc.com
Keep Up to Date

Install all free updates offered for Windows, Java, and Acrobat (other than the "optional" ones)

Keep your AntiVirus and AntiSpyware software updated and scanning regularly; we recommend NOD32 (under $40/year) or AVG/Spybot (free)


Those Suspicious Emails

When you get email from people you don't know with questionable subject lines, just delete them.

When you get email from people you don't know with questionable subject lines, just delete them.

Ignore warnings sent via email, or check them out on http://snopes.com.


Be Careful Where You Wander

Don't surf in shady areas of the internet; beware of searching for free downloads, screensavers, music lyrics, etc.


File Sharing Programs

We do not recommend using file-sharing programs, but if you do use them, keep your firewall on and close the program once you have what you want.


Too Good to Be True?

Don't be tempted by free offers online or in your email: "Just say NO"


Cleanup, Speedup, Defrag and Goback Programs

Cleanup, speedup, defrag and goback programs have limited effectiveness; run them if they work for you, but don't expect them to fix issues.


Surges, Brown-Outs & Black-Outs

Use a UPS (Uninteruptable Power Supply) for all your sensitive electronics, especially your modem, router, and desktop PC